Learn From Premier Knee Chest Doctors

Sherman College of Chiropractic Boiling Springs, South Carolina Health Center, HC5.
Dec. 2nd (3:30pm - 7:30pm)
Dec. 3rd (8:30am - 6:00pm)

Doctors: $395
Students: $195

Take off $25 by registering one week PRIOR to the seminar!
  • The six steps to the knee chest adjustment as developed by the KCUCS
  • How to produce the torque that unlocks the 3 directional misalignment
  • How and where to stand based on x-ray analysis
  • The rhythm BJ referred to in Vol. 18 "Relaxation, Contraction, Relaxation"
  • How and when to alter your contact for better results
  • How to handle specialty cases
  • Knee Chest Posture advantages based on biomechanics

Video of your adjusting setup analyzed by the KCUCS team (optional for you).
Learn from a combined over 100 years Knee Chest adjusting experience.


573-341-8292 (Contact Person to register: CARRIE)

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