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  1. Curvilinear Misalignment of C1 in Subluxation: The foundational basis of this concept is rooted in the work of William Blair, D.C., originator of the Blair technique.
  2. Upper Cervical Biomechanics in the Knee Chest Posture: Paradoxical motion of CO-C1 upon head rotation, C1 moving inferior to CO upon full rotation, and coupling motion all applied to the Knee Chest posture.
  3. Medullary Lock: Dr. Kessinger originated the Medullary Lock concept and first described it as "the 5 externals and the 1 internal". The Medullary Lock was built upon the foundation laid down by Dr. John D Grostic in the Dentate Ligament Theory. It is a broader application of the dentate ligament theory. Following the original idea, Drs. Robert Kessinger and Mike Anderson are credited with the development of the Medullary Lock Theory. Dr. Mike Anderson coined the phrase "Medullary Lock".
  4. Six steps to the Knee Chest Posture Upper Cervical Solid Head Piece Adjustment: The actual Knee Chest Posture adjustment is not original. This was taught to Drs. Kessinger, Dallies and Anderson by Dr. Michael Kale. However, Dr. Kessinger was the first to break the adjustment down into these steps. Drs. Mike Anderson, Henri Dallies, and Patrick Anderson have contributed to further development of the 6 steps over the early stages of teaching the Knee Chest Posture adjustment through the KCUCS Certification Program.
  5. Upper Cervical Neurology concepts: Upper Cervical application of the HPA axis, HPT axis, Sympathetic Dominance.

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