KCUCS UC Neurology Boot Camp-The Examination 2017

  1. The cornerstone of the program will be the approximately 10–12 hours of videos produced (see outline for details).
  2. 3 Weekly webinars with Dr. Kessinger summarizing each week’s lessons, quizzes, troubleshooting issues, question/answer period as well as bonus information related to upper cervical. We will record each webinar for those who cannot attend live.
  3. Closed Facebook forum where you can ask questions and join conversations with a community of like-minded Upper Cervical Chiropractors through this sharing experience. Drs. Kessinger and Anderson will be the moderators. Learning together as a group is an important benefit of the program.
  4. This web based Boot Camp format has proven to be the best method for learning. No travel time/expense, no hotel stays away from family, no airline’s (or TSA) and in the comfort of your own home or office. The spots will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  For more information contact us at: KCUCS.
  5. Receive a Certificate of Completion in Upper Cervical Neurology Examination Procedures.

UC Neuro Boot Camp Topics 2017