KCUCS 6 Week Adjusting Boot Camp

  1. The cornerstone of the program will be the approximately 16-20 hours of videos produced, explaining all aspects needed to develop your Upper Cervical Adjusting as a Master AdjusTOR “with that extra-something”.
  2. Weekly webinars with Dr. Kessinger and Dr. Anderson going over each week’s lessons, quizzes, troubleshooting issues and a question/answer period. We will record each webinar for those who want to go back and listen again or for those whose schedule doesn’t work for them to attend live.
  3. Closed forum where you can ask questions view adjustments and send film of your adjustments for fine tuning. You will join a whole community of like-minded Upper Cervical Chiropractors through this sharing experience. These groups continue on long after the program is completed. In this forum Dr. Kessinger and Dr. Anderson will respond so that all the rest of the participants can see the questions/adjusting video and provide daily teaching. Learning together as a group is a large benefit of the program.
  4. The web based Boot Camp format has proven to be the best method for learning. Day seminars will always have their place, but for those serious about getting into the depths of understanding and mastering Upper Cervical Adjusting. The Boot Camp web based learning is a must. Besides, hard to beat no travel, no hotel, no airplane and in the comfort of your own home or office. The spots will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. aschiro7@gmail.com for more information.

Adjusting Boot Camp Topics 2017