Upper Cervical Research

Upper Cervical Care is not new to healthcare; it was first introduced back in the early 1920’s. Dr. BJ Palmer began his endeavor back in 1910 when x-ray was introduced and visualization of the spine was made possible. In 1935 the Research Clinic was opened and began seeing patients. From 1935-1942 5,000 cases were seen and of those, 3,856 made a full recovery, 1,013 cases reported improvement, only 49 or 0.9% reported no improvement, with 82 or 1.6% unreported. 97.3% were recovered or improved. Then in 1942 – 1954 they began to only except cases that had no prior success with medicine or otherwise. 139,096 cases were seen, 63.8% (88,743) made a full recovery, 29.4% (40,894) improved, and 6.7% (9,319) no change.

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